Ice Breaker 2019


(April 12-13-14, 2019)

COVER SHEET                 RULE SHEET                MATRIX






14A          14B







FINAL List below 

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10A & B
Absolute Blast *
Bitterroot Sparks ( Montana)*
Calgary Kaizen Futures*
Diamond Dusters *
Herminston Bulldogs*
KB Fastpitch Silver *
McMinnville Grizzlies*
Mizuno Maniacs*
Moses Lake Rattlers Hybrid*
Moses Lake Rattlers Stanley* Black 
NCW Sundevils*
NW Legacy- Trickel*
Seattle Spice *
Sno Co Express 08 *
Spokane Scream *
Skagit Bats *
Vancouver Flames*
Wildcats Anderson* YF6
Wildcats TC*
AASA- Higa -08*
Bitterroot Sparks ( Montana)*
CB Xtreme *
Coeur d' Alene Crush *
Diamond Dusters Red*
Flame 06 Black *
Heat FP*
Herminston Bulldogs* YFB
KB Fastpitch Purple *
KB Fastpitch Silver *
Mizuno Maniacs- Bass*
Menace *
Moses Lake Rattlers Black *
Moses Lake Rattlers Maroon*
MT Avalanche- Latrielle* YF6
MT Avalanche- Schneiter*
NCW Sundevils *
NW Elite Botefuhr*
Oregon Blaze*
Oregon Titans- McCormick *
Oregon Titans Pilgrim *
Rip City Rapids *
Seattle Spice Black *
SFC Attitude* (YF8)
Snohomish Shock *
Stealers Black* YF E
Venom Black* (L)
Venom Green*
WA Rage -IN
WA Synergy- Casmer*
WA Blaze Tenacity *
** 14A will play a few games vs 16B and 18B Teams so the teams from Canada and Alaska do not have to play eachother in the 16/18 pools . 
Elite Diamonds Conover- in
KB FP Purple* 
Oregon Blaze *
Oregon Titans Brian*
Sno Co Express 04 *
USA Explosion* 
WA Angels Stenson*
WA Illusion*
WA Ladyhawks Miller  No ed*
Acers Coit *
Alaska Krush-in
Bellevue Blast Leith*
Calgary Kaizen*
Cherry City Crush *
Columbia River Heat * YFB
Flame 04 Red *
Flame 05 Red* 
Hermiston Bulldogs *
Idaho Hot Shots*
Idaho Racers Burleson * 
KB White *
Mayhem Hill-* YFB , S5
Mayhem Barnes*
Mizuno Maniacs*
Moses Lake Rattlers Lawerence*
NCW Sundevils *
Seattle Spice Red*
Selah SB *
Sno Co Express 05 *
Snohomish Shock 05 *
Sundodgers Hartley *
TC Storm*
Venom 05*
Yakima Tigers 
16u /18u 
Adrenaline *
Alaska Stangs *
Alaska T-Birds*
Calgary Kaizen 16 *
Calgary Kaizen 18*
Rebels -IN
TC Storm*





Civic Center
209 West 6th Ave Kennewick, 99336
Civic Field Map

Columbia Playfields
1005 Swift Blvd. Richland 99352

Hanford HS
450 Hanford St Richland 99352

Horn Rapids
2000 Snyder Street Richland 99352

Pasco TRAC
6520 Homerun Rd. Pasco 99301

Scotty Park
6020 West Quinault Ave Kennewick, 99336

Southridge HS
3520 Southridge Blvd Kennewick, 99338

Southridge Park
2901 Southridge Blvd, Kennewick, 99338




This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.